Online Institutional Meet

Online Institutional Meet

Invitation – Institutional Meet

19th and 20th February, 2022 (Saturday & Sunday)

Dear Aastha Co-travelers,

Warmest greetings to all of you!

With the beginning of a new year, the hope and wish is for new beginnings and new unfolding for all of us. The past two years have brought to each of us, multiple challenges, and we have dealt and engaged with them. The uncertainties of these times have probably made us value the ‘here and now’ and be more present. The challenge continues……

Through these times the Aastha community has managed to stay connected through our various online offerings and reaching out to each other. While we certainly missed connecting in a physical space; these engagements proved to be evocative, enabling personal growth and have added to personal well-being. 

As a Practice, we have always created a dedicated space for Institution Building every couple of years in addition to the shorter version, when we meet during every Summer Program. This is the time to take a pause, take stock, and collectively reflect on future directions, engagements and newer possibilities for action. Also, to come together as a community to invest in the institution which is held precious by all of us and has offered us so much.

It’s now time, after almost three years, to invest time together to focus on the kind of work we do, review relevance in the current context, and put together our thoughts, dreams into a collective picture for our institution. 

We had wished for a meeting in a physical space. However, considering the situation and rather than delay/or rely on a totally unpredictable situation, we are starting with an online kick off meeting. Hence, we have scheduled a two day, online meeting on 19th & 20th of February 2022. The Institution requires your whole-hearted participation for this meeting, so please block your calendar. 

Looking forward to an energizing & creative Institution Building Meet with all of you,


On Behalf of the Trustees,
Preethi Raja

Executive Trustee
Foundation for Human Learning & Growth - Aastha

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