9 - 14 Dec 2019
Pravaah - a journey towards expansiveness
16 - 17 Nov 2019

Pravaah, the conference is dedicated to Dr. Pulin Garg to honour the pioneering work he has done in the area of Process Work and the number of lives he has touched.

Paper Presentations

  • Leadership Holding and Consciousness
    Bhanumathy Vasudevan

    This paper proposes a leadership model that is born out of extensive action research for over three decades, with hundreds of women’s groups including two five -year and several three - year long term programs and a few mixed group programs both in India and U.S.

  • Worlds of Difference
    Padmavati Rao

    The paper proposes to delve into the process of learning, creating and doing theatre while dealing with and acknowledging and bringing to the fore the suppressed drama within.

  • Journeys of Eco Heros
    Farah Khan & Rema Kumar

    We stand at the threshold of a transition from the industrial age to an ecological age. The industrial age brought with it many conveniences, comforts and an entirely new way of life and living. These changes slowly permeated into the collective consciousness and redefined the notions of good life and of success and achievement.

  • Phenomenology, Existentialism and Process Work
    Ashutosh Bhupatkar

    To understand a discipline, you must know its history. Process Work is a discipline, in the way it follows a particular paradigm, it has boundaries and it is inculcated through learning and internship. There is an apparent absence of theory perplexing interns and new members. Many members after years of experience still look for a basis of process work in this or that framework. Some look at ancient Indian treatises on Yoga to discover a link...